Just as magical as Charlie walking around in lavish candy gardens. Magically scratch resistant, colourful and soft like a baby’s skin. If you look long enough you might just hear a song popping up… A perfect material for public spaces, perhaps an elevator? Against all prejudices; very easy to work with!

Ingredients: Old chocolate factory moulds.

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Material: PC

Finishes: Matte, satin or polished

Thicknesses: 10mm or 20mm (≤ 1,0 mm)

Size: 800x800mm + extra margin (≈ 40mm)

Stiffness: High

Scratch resistance: High

Moisture absorption: Minimal

UV resistance: Medium

Max. temperature: 80° C

Density: 1,20*10³

Linear expansion: 0,68mm/10° C

Flamability: HB

Virgin material: 0%

Recycled material: 100%