When you want to reach for the stars but you just don’t have the means to do it. We do, and now make it available for every interior designer, wall decorator or anyone who wants to head into space.

Ingredients: Pig farm post-production waste and old buckets.

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Material Guideline

Material: HDPE - LDPE

Finishes: Matte or satin

Thicknesses: 9mm (≤ 1,0 mm)

Size: 800x800mm + extra margin (≈ 15mm)

Stiffness: Medium

Scratch resistance: Medium

Moisture absorption: Minimal

UV resistance: High

Max. temperature: 80° C

Density: 0,94*10³

Linear expansion: 0,17mm/10° C

Flamability: HB

Virgin material: 0%

Recycled material: 100%