Find hereunder a collection of questions we often find in our mailbox. Do you have a different question or remark? Feel free to get in touch with us! No rights can be derived from this information.

Where do you source your material and is it all recycled?

We are always hunting for new local sources of plastic waste within the Netherlands with an occasional Belgian plastic stream. Sometimes these plastics were products used by consumers, waste during manufacturing/assembly or direct industrial waste. These raw materials are processed by means of shredding, working together closely with companies that are specialised in this. After we are done with it you end up with a 100% recycled plastic sheet material.

What kind of binder do you use to connect the plastics?

At Plasticiet we only use thermoplastics, meaning that they can be melted again and again. This also means we do not need to use a binder since the raw material sticks to itself when melted.

What is the minimum order quantity and how do I place an order?

We do not work with minimum order quantities, recycled materials should be available for big and small. If you have an enquiry or if you want to place an order, please fill in the form here (opens a new tab).

In what sizes can I purchase Plasticiet?

Plasticiet comes in workable dimensions of 800x800mm with a small oversize as cutting margin with thicknesses specified in the MATERIALS (opens a new tab) page on our website. We generally do not provide cutting services.

What are the possible applications for Plasticiet?

Plasticiet’s uses can be seen similarly to sheet materials such as MDF and plywood and is very suitable for furniture making. Currently Plasticiet is mainly applied as a decorative sheet material in retail projects in appliances such as store fronts, counter tops and displays but has also been seen in kitchens, household products and wall tiles.

What are the lead times if I order from Plasticiet?

We always produce on demand which is why our lead times always differ. Depending on our schedule and your order quantity lead times vary between two and eight weeks.

How is the material processed, I.E. by a carpenter?

Plasticiet is very workable with any carpenter’s power and hand tools. Notes of importance are to use sharp tools, with high movement speeds and low rotary speeds. This results in the cleanest cuts and protects the material from melting due to machine friction.

Can the material be CNC milled?

Plasticiet mills very clean. Just like working with carpenter’s powertools it’s important to use a sharp mill bit with high movement speeds and low rotary speeds to give a clean cut and to protect the material from melting due to machine friction.

Can Plasticiet material be glued?

Think on what kind material you are going to glue Plasticiet before gluing and wonder how it will affect its recyclability afterwards. If the decision is made we advise to use Oase UniFix+ for surface bonding out PE materials, yet many more sealants are applicable. Always check if the glue specifies whether or not you can use it for PE. For more fine construction work - such as miter cuts - 3M Scotchweld DP8005 or other PE specific glues are advisory. Always make sure your surfaces are grease and dust free and always follow the instructions provided by the glue manufacturer. We do not supply glueing agents.

Can I order bespoke work and how does this work?

If you would like to collaborate with Plasticiet or commission us to create bespoke sheet material please fill in the enquiries form here (opens a new tab) and provide us with as much information you can give. We can then judge the feasibility of your proposed project. Note that we are always limited by the availability of plastic waste streams, however we might also be able to process your own waste source if you can provide us with enough material.

Where do I bring cut offs after machining the material?

We are able to take back cut offs after your project has been completed to be recycled again. Please send us an email for terms and conditions of taking back material. We do not offer a discount or refund service for leftover material we take back.